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Click this link to download a pdf version of the Pectin Work Instructions.

Pectin Work Instructions PDF

Pectin Work Instructions

  1. Before making your first batch, click here to view the Pectin video series on our website.
  2. Use the formula calculator to determine the exact weight of Melt-to-Make™ Pectin Base (Part A), 50% Citric Acid Solution (Part B), and the additive you’ll need to make a batch of gummies.
  3. Print the batch formula.
  4. Prepare your supplies and utensils based upon your batch size. We recommend a batch size over 2 kg if you are planning to use a heated depositor.
  5. Prepare enough molds for the batch.*
  6. Preheat your depositor hopper and nozzles to 93°C (200° F). If you are using a Truffly depositor, you will want to preheat to 104°C (220°F).

If you are planning on finishing the gummies with sanding sugar, you can give your molds a light spray with a mold release agent to help expedite the popping process. If you are planning on finishing your gummies with wax, you may choose not to spray your molds since the oil drops lets with leave small indentations in the finished gummies.

  1. Directly weigh the Pectin Base (Part A) into a stock pot using a calibrated lab grade scale. Your scale should have an accuracy of at least a 10th of a gram (0.0 g). If you are using a kettle you can use the reverse weigh method.** Click here to see our “How to Weigh your Ingredients” video for tips on weighing all of your ingredients.
  2. Shake the 50% Citric Acid Solution (Part B) well and weigh it directly into a small receptacle.
  3. Weigh out your other ingredients, e.g. additives, into separate containers. If you are using our Unflavored Pectin Base, you will also want to weigh out your flavor and color at this time.

The reverse weigh method is when you place your container on a scale and then tare the scale so it reads zero. You then slowly add the product and continue to check the scale reading until you reach the target weight in
negative numbers.

  1. Measure the starting Brix of your Pectin Gummy Base (Part A). If it doesn’t match the COA, you can recalibrate the Brix meter using the pectin base as your standard. Click here to view the COAs on our website.
  2. Heat the Pectin Base (Part A) on direct heat at a medium to high heat setting, until the product reaches a slow boil. Stir it occasionally to prevent the mixture from burning.
  3. Once the mixture reaches a Brix of 75-76, add your extracts and stir well with a whisk for a full 5 minutes. While you stir, continue heating the mixture and then test your Brix.
  4. If you’re using the unflavored Melt-to-Make™ Pectin Base, add the color and flavor after you’ve added your additive. Continue to cook the Pectin Base and check your Brix until you reach a reading of 78-80.
  5. If the Brix level is between 78-80 move on to step 6.
    *If the Brix reading is too low (below 78), continue to cook and test the Brix again in a few minutes. Repeat if necessary.
    *If the Brix reading is too high (above 80) add 1% water, stir and then test it again. Repeat if necessary.
  6. Add in the provided 50% Citric Acid Solution (Part B) in a slow stream while stirring vigorously. After 10 -15 seconds of stirring, pour the mixture into your depositor. If you’re only pouring part of the batch, make sure to maintain the temperature of 88°- 95°C (190° - 203°F), and put a lid on the pot between pours to prevent evaporation. If too much evaporation occurs, it could result in unwanted pre-gelling in the pot/kettle.
  1. Once you’ve filled your depositor, follow the manufacturer instructions for your specific machine.
  2. Let the gummies cure for 1-2 hours uncovered. If the gummies feel ready, you can pop them at this time, or you can continue to let them firm up. Pectin gummies will continue to get firmer for 24 hours. If you decide to let them sit longer, you may want to consider covering your gummies or flipping the molds onto a parchment paper lined tray. This will help to prevent the exposed side of the gummies from drying out.
  1. Fill a bowl with the provided Melt-to-Make™ Sanding Sugar.
  2. If you did not cover your gummies and the tops have dried, you can rub them with water to make them sticky again. You can also coat your hands lightly with pan release spray and rub it over the top of the mold, to prevent your gummies from sticking to each other.
  3. Pop the gummies and toss them in the sanding sugar.
  4. Sift the gummies using a handheld sifter or wire basket.
  5. Spread the gummies onto a sheet pan in a single layer.
  6. Dry the gummies in a drying room (35% RH) for 48-96 hours until the desired consistency is reached. The final water activity should be 0.60 - 0.63.
  7. To download our drying recommendations, click here or view our Drying Guide found of the recourses section of our website.
  1. Spray the top of each filled gummy mold with anti-stick spray. Also spray the inside of a metal bowl and be sure to cover all surfaces. Record the weight of the sprayed bowl or tare the bowl on your scale.
  2. Pop your gummies into the sprayed bowl.
  3. Add at least 1-2 kg of gummies into the bowl and record the weight.
  4. Add 0.15% (of the gummy weight) of the wax coating to your gummies. To download our wax calculator, click here or view our Downloadable Pectin Calculators found on the resources section of our website.
  5. Using your hands, toss the gummies for 5 minutes to coat them evenly with the wax, or use a panning machine.
  6. Spread the coated gummies onto a tray in a single layer.
  7. Let the gummies dry in your drying room (35% RH) for 48-96 hours until the desired consistency and water activity is reached. The final water activity should be 0.60 -0.63
  8. To download our drying recommendations, click here or view our Drying Guide found of the recourses section of our website.